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Leveling Up in Lactation is a podcast that highlights, amplifies, and documents the journey of Black Lactation Professionals.Tune in every Monday for a laid back, candid conversation with colleagues about their journey through the Lactation profession.Tune into episode #37 with colleague Sophia Taylor LPN, IBCLC!

Sophia Taylor LPN, IBCLC

Sophia Taylor LPN, IBCLC

Ep.#37 "Pushing Past Fear"

“Give yourself some grace.”

Angelica Knight, MS, IBCLC

Angelica Knight MS, IBCLC

Ep.#36 It's A Calling

“Every experience I've gained from 18 to 28 has built me up to this moment.”

Zakela Mickens, BPC

Zakela Mickens, BPC

Ep.#34 Don't Compare Your Journey

"I had to do some soul searching and really dig deep within my self."

Tiffani Dickerson, RN, IBCLC

Tiffani Dickerson, RN, IBCLC

Ep.#33 Evolving

"I wish I would have taken that leap of faith and jumped sooner."

Rhonesha Israel, CBS, IBCLC

Rhonesha Isreal, CBS, IBCLC

Ep.#32 New Territory

"I feel lighter. I feel like I can breathe."

Kellie Green, SLP, IBCLC

Kellie, SLP, IBCLC

EP.#31 Rebranded

“I was a mess. The world was a mess. I was like, I would rather go get a job at the mall.”

Erika Dudley, IBCLC, CBS

Solo episode-Erika Dudley, IBCLC, CBS

Ep.#30 Survive and Advance

Solo episode this week where I talk about coming out of a survive and advance season of life.

Keyra Peraza, CBS

Keyra Peraza, CBS


"Can I handle that? I had doubt."

Leslie Owens RN, IBCLC

Leslie Owens RN, IBCLC

Ep.#28 Do it anyway

"It really depends on what you put into it and that's what you get out of it."

Tenise Hordge, IBCLC

Tenise Hordge, IBCLC


"I basically had my dream job. I had the corner office. I had the title. I had the pay. But none of that really mattered now that I was a Mother."

Charline Ogden, IBCLC

Charline Ogden, IBCLC

Ep.#26 Full Circle

"In hindsight I think that I would take my time."

Sierra Woods RN, IBCLC

Sierra Woods RN, IBCLC

Ep.#25 Ongoing Progress

"Everything that has happen in my career has all set me up for the next thing I'm suppose to get to."

Kiana Ayers RN, IBCLC

Kiana Ayers RN, IBCLC

Ep.#24 A Piece of the Puzzle

"Imagine you're a toddler and you're trying to learn how to walk and then you're trying to teach the toddler behind you how to walk."

Dr. Sekeita Lewis-Johnson DNP, FNP, BC, IBCLC

Dr. Sekeita Lewis-Johnson DNP, FNP, BC, IBCLC

Ep.#23 Continue To Become

"...lactation might be the reason we're walking into, but it doesn't become the reason we're there..."

Dominique Gallo RN, IBCLC

Dominique Gallo RN, IBCLC


"Be vocal right now."

Dairian Roberts OT, IBCLC

Dairian Roberts OT, IBCLC

Ep.#21 The Blueprint Does Not Exist

"I forfeited all of my hours in pathway 1 and switched to pathway 3."

Nasheeda Pollard, IBCLC


Ep.#20 Momentum

"How do I process all of this great stuff that I prayed for?"

Tiara Caldwell, IBCLC

Tiara Caldwell, IBCLC

Ep.#19 Divinely Aligned

"I really feel like I've grown into this field kind of backwards."

Fallon Smith, CBS

Fallon Smalls, CBS

Ep.#18 There's Not Enough of Us Period

"Everybody wants to help. Everybody wants to give you resources because we know what it's like to come up without them."

Shondra Mattos, IBCLC

Shondra Mattos, IBCLC

Ep.#17 Stay Hungry

"At the end of the day my biggest drive, beyond just helping parents on a one to one level, is really elevating the standard of lactation care."

Kimberly Webb, CLC

Kimberly Webb, CLC

Ep.#16 Chaos Worker

"If you don't take the time to set boundaries, you will have clients. You just won't have payment."

Erica Campbell BSN, RN, IBCLC

Erica Campbell BSN, RN, IBCLC


"Seeing stuff from the private practice point of view really changed how I worked in the hospital."

Nekisha Killings MPH, IBCLC

Nekisha Killings MPH, IBCLC


"Don't stop. Don't hesitate. Go."

Nichelle Clark IBCLC, CBS

Nichelle Clark IBCLC, CBS

Ep.#13 It Is A Flex

"I'm a natural born hustler."

Tikara Cannon MPH, IBCLC, CBS, MiLC

Tikara Cannon MPH, IBCLC, CBS, MiLC

Ep.#12 Increase My Value

"I didn't know that it was an actual profession until I started looking at how to help myself."

Deidra Washington IBCLC, CLC

Deidra Washington IBCLC, CLC

Ep.#11 Ripple Effect

"We can all do hard things."

Nikki Greenaway FNP-C, IBCLC

Nikki Greenaway FNP-C, IBCLC

Ep.#10 If Not Me Then Who?

"Focus on the why."

Danielle Freeman LPN, IBCLC

Danielle Freeman LPN, IBCLC

Ep.#9 God Ordained

"Yesterday's price is not today's price."

Erika Dudley IBCLC, CBS

Erika Dudley IBCLC, CBS

Ep.#8 It's Not Too Late to Pivot

"I was grateful to be audited so that is couldn't be questioned..."

Courtney Polk RN, IBCLC

Courtney Polk RN, IBCLC

Ep.#7 I Know What Breastfeeding Did For Me

"Becoming an IBCLC is not a race."

Bianca Nash IBCLC, CLC

Bianca Nash IBCLC, CLC

Ep.#6 Divine Intervention

"You don't have to have letters behind your name to network."

Whitney Dula IBCLC, CBS

Whitney Dula IBCLC, CBS

Ep.#5 Make The System Work For You

"I feel like the idea that you had to have breastfed before to be a successful Lactation Consultant is a bunch of bull."

Aimbriel Lasley IBCLC

Aimbriel Lasley, IBCLC

Ep.#4 All The Things

"It seemed impossible at that time. Like there was no point!"

Lydia O. Boyd IBCLC, CLE, Doula

Lydia O. Boyd IBCLC, CLE, Doula

Ep.#3 Don't Wait. Just Do It.

"Within the lactation field we do not honor and respect and see the value of a PC.."

Jada Metcalf, CBPC, PPD, CBS

Jada Wingo-Metcalf CBPC, PPD, CBS

Ep.#2 Generational Health Honey

"It's not always welcoming...especially when you begin to point out facts"

Chanelle Andrews IBCLC, CBS

Chanelle Andrews IBCLC, CBS

Ep.#1 hold steady

"There are a lot of things that happened during this journey that tried to knock me off my game.."


Coming August 2021

Hosted by Erika Dudley, IBCLC, take a listen to a sneak peek and learn what to expect from full episodes.

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